The opportunities and challenges of doing business in China

There is a growing demand for more professional and high-end solutions, and this creates an open window for International companies to fill this gap. To provide insight into the market demand in China, experts will answer questions about how to enter the market as an international manufacturer.

Importance of Chinese Cleaning market for international companies

Speaker: Peter Hug, EUnited

Peter Hug

Why and what are Chinese buyers looking for, now and in the future

Speaker: Chongzhu Cao, imec

Mr Chongzhu Cao


Basics of IP protection

Speaker: Na Zhang, Beijing Infringement Counterfeiting and Inferior Goods Inspection and Identification Technology Innovation Alliance 


Introduction on how to do business, participating in a trade fair

Speaker: Liam Jia, EU SME centre

Liam Jia


Learnings and tips to get started on the Chinese market
Speaker: Frank van de Ven, I-team

Frank van de Ven