Amsterdam Innovation Award Winnaars

De Amsterdam Innovation Award winnaar

De winnaars van de Amsterdam Innovation Award en bezoekerskeuze zijn bekend gemaakt! De winnaars dagen de status quo uit om voor de hand liggende verbeteringen voor het schoonmaken te leveren en je vind meer informatie over de winnende producten op deze pagina.

Sustainability & Enviroment

Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth

Company: Tork, an Essity brand
Stand: 10.101, PP.CI.01

Jury comment: With the development of this new cloth, Essity is aiming to reduce consumption, waste, pollution and emissions. The fact the packaging is made from 100 per cent recycled fibres and at least 30 per cent recycled plastics completes the sustainability picture for the customer.

Smart Technologies & Digitalisation

Scrubber 50 Pro

Company: Gausium Robotics Trading Limited
Stand: 07.112

Jury comment: The Scrubber 50 Pro reflects well how robotic technology in the cleaning sector is progressing. It is suitable for use in a wide range of applications – small or medium sized areas – it can negotiate obstacles well and comes back later if it needs to move on. And it uses AI to detect spills or stains, then spot clean them automatically.

Workforce & Ergonomics

Pu-Pad Light

Company: Arcora International GmbH
Stand: 01.334

Jury comment: Floor cleaning is one of the most time-consuming tasks performed by cleaning operatives and when cleaning different surfaces, there is often the need to change pads. Sometimes, the operative is unsure as to which is the best pad and mistakes can happen. The Pu-Pad Light takes away that uncertainty, with the ergonomic benefit for the operative of not having to constantly bend down to change pads.

Health & Hygiene

Coreless Centre Pull Paper Towel

Company: Alani Higiene Profesionel SL
Stand: 12.805

Jury comment: The jury felt this was the product in this category that has the potential to make the greatest impact. Along with its environmental credentials and the fact it absorbs 10 times its weight in water, the fact it is coreless reduces waste after use, and impacts on the cleaning operative in removing that waste.